What is Carbon Capture?

Carbon Capture is the process by which carbon dioxide (C02) is removed from the air or stops carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. The goal is to capture and sequester the C02 where it cannot be released into the atmosphere.

Why Invest in Carbon Capture Equipment?

Investing in oil and gas has long been a tax-favored area in the tax code, along with investing in equipment. With the more recent changes to the tax code, adding accelerated depreciation has made these areas a “home run.” The accelerated depreciation is what makes investing in carbon capture equipment such an attractive investment. Coupled with the “Green” component of putting CO2 saturated CETASolve™ back in the earth, it is even more of an attractive investment.

High Demand by Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and gas companies are under constant pressure to lower their carbon footprint, maximize existing well production and reduce the cost of production. This clean energy project’s environmental and economic benefits have resulted in very high demand from oil and gas producers currently operating in the Permian Basin of West Texas, power plants, and the Department of Energy.

Patented Technology

CETA Technologies’ CO2NOMAD and CO2TRANSMISSION carbon capture units are the first mobile, patented technology allowing oil and gas producers to remove CO2 from a gas stream at the well site or the pipeline rather than the pipeline incurring the costs of transporting the gas for processing.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

In addition to CO2 Capture, the process creates a fluid called CETASolve™, which is used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). The CO2 infused CETASolve™ is re-injected back into the wells to extract additional oil from the depleted wells. This process allows the natural gas producers to extract additional barrels of oil and natural gas thus optimizing the well.

Why Investors Love Carbon Capture

Tax Advantages


Capture unique tax savings through accelerated depreciation.



The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects CO2 EOR will account for 11% of the lower 48 onshore oil production from 2010 to 2035.

Excellent Returns


Our Carbon Capture opportunities offer a 1.8 equity multiple and 40% COC with 25.7% annual returns.

Environment Friendly


Improves the environment by reducing CO2 levels and reduces the amount of fresh water utilized in secondary recovery operations.

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