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What Types of Real Estate Do You Invest In?

We currently invest in Carbon Capture equipment, multi-family apartment buildings, and storage buildings. Multi-family apartments and storage are two of the most recession proof segments of the real estate market. Carbon capture, being in the energy sector, has outstanding tax benefits and is an environmentally friendly project. 

Do I Need to be an Accredited Investor to Invest in Your Deals?

EMPR Investors Group accepts only accredited investors. If you are unfamiliar with the definition of an accredited investor, click here to view the SEC’s definition and here to view the latest update.  If you are not an accredited investors, we’re sorry we will not be able to partner with you at this time

What is the Investment Process?

When a deal is open for investment, you will receive an email that will guide you through the subscription process. You will be able to sign legal documents electronically, and set up a bank account to receive distributions. The investment is not final until all legal documents have been signed and funding has been contributed and cleared.

When we have a new deal available, we will email all investors who are a part of our investor community. Deals fill up on a first come, first serve basis. 

What Kind of Tax Information Do I Receive and When?

You will receive a yearly K-1 tax form by mid-March. Depreciation will be reported on the K-1 and will flow through to the LP class.

What is the estimated depreciation I can expect on my K1?

There are many factors that affect the annual tax outcome, and we are not able to provide investors with individual estimates. An investor may consult with their CPA for an estimate using the Financial Projections provided in the Business Plan.

Do you take 1031 Exchange Funds?

At this time, we do not accept 1031 Exchange Funds.

Can I use money from my IRA to invest?

Yes, but we must receive funds by the funding deadline. Please note that IRAs may take a while to send funds and if you miss the deadline, you risk being removed from the deal.

Will the preferred return be paid regardless of income? How often will it be paid?

The preferred return is accrued and paid only from the operating income. If operating income is insufficient to pay the preferred return, it is accrued and paid first when income is available. There is no distribution to the GP unless the LP is current on the preferred return payments.

How are distributions made to investors?

Payments are made via EFT 30-60 days after the quarter ends.

What are the Risks Involved with These Investments?

Risks are disclosed specific to each deal and are outlined in the Offering of Private Placement Memorandum. 

How often do deals come up?

Our goal is for at least one deal per quarter, but it is completely market-driven.

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